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Welcome to the Mild Brain Injury Support Group website!

Since we began in 1998, we have been part of about 300 successful reentries to a functional, but different, new life after Acquired Brain Injuries (ABIs) or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). We are both Survivors and Caregivers. Our members are actively involved in the work of the group, both at meetings and between meetings. At our meetings we usually have a speaker or facilitator to discuss relevant topics, which helps us to refine our residual deficits. By fine-tuning our skills, we progress toward a healthier self-image; we "fit" more comfortably into an "uninjured" world socially, financially, and emotionally.

"I attended Jean Kropa's group Mild Brain Injury Association Group on Roswell Road. I am so glad that the group is not one of those woe-is-me type of deals. Everyone in the group is forward moving and thinking, they have accepted what cards have been dealt to them and they are coping with it and learning as they go along. They all are so encouraging you can't help but to lace up your boots and fight for your piece of the pie if your in their atmosphere. I think this group will be a great deal of help for me as I am trying to put my life back together."

The mission of the Mild Brain Injury Support Group is to:

S Share resources for help, funding, and good quality services.
H Handouts from presentations boost memory (and use) of information.
A Advocates for legislation for brain injury prevention and services after brain injury.
R Recognize life after brain injury is a "new way of life", with different skills.
E Educate ourselves, some educators, providers, lawmakers: "Brain Injury is:..."
I Interesting topics, relevant to continued progress most meetings.
N No "dues"; occasional fun fundraisers to cover group expenses.
L Live life one day at a time, while researching, planning future options.
I Information that is basic, to get started again after a survivor’s brain injury.
F "Family" of friends, who understand without explanation, and support you.
E Emails for resources, research studies, reminders, and announcements.
A All are included, both Survivors, Caregivers, and Supporting Persons.
G Gain motivations to be proactive and achieve goals.
A Abilities of members are actively celebrated and enhance the group’s function.
I "I" focus evolving into Listen – Learn – Compensate – More social/vocational success.
N Never give up!!!