Meet the Leaders


Jim and Jean Kropa

Jim was a Ph.D. math professor and computer software consultant until he retired due to health issues. He helped the meetings of the Minor (Mild) Brain Injury Support Group (MBISG) stay focused and flow.

Jean returned to college to get a Master's degree in Speech-Language when their younger child seemed to have delayed language skills. She has worked primarily in Early Intervention, Elementary and Junior High schools. She has been in nursing homes, some TBI re-entry programs, and home health. This expanded into English as a Second Language (ESL/adult literacy/ accent reduction).

In November 1998, along with Beverly Morgan, then BIAG (Brain Injury Association of Georgia) Resource person, and Jacques and Monique, we began the Minor Brain Injury Support for college students who had Traumatic Brain Injury.

As our son has improved in multiple "deficit" areas, we have been presented new challenges to meet the new needs. We have learned much about him and us, life, what Traumatic Brain Injury is, some of the things/people who can improve the circumstances, and some of the things and people with which we must cope.

Since the MBISG was formed, we have invited people who have been helpful to us to speak with the group at meetings, to address pertinent issues, to encourage and to challenge to higher levels of functioning in life.

Art Fuller

My son was involved in a car accident during his freshman year of college in 2012. He suffered a traumatic brain injury. He spent the next few months in the hospital, a day rehab program, and then an outpatient rehabilitation center. He continues to make progress and is determined to return to college to complete his degree.

During my son’s time in the hospital, I met the founding members on this wonderful group. They shared their experience and wisdom with me. This gave me hope and the strength I needed to weather the storm. As a parent and caregiver, I have experienced peaks and valleys. I am grateful for the support that others have provided me while going this ordeal. Without this support, I don’t know how this journey could have been navigated. Thankfully, I didn’t have to.

When my son was finally able to return to the community, we started attending the monthly meetings. In 2014, I decided to assist/join the leadership team.


Jacques and Monique Hauss (ex-founding leaders)