Each month we meet the second Thursday, at 3434 Roswell Road, in the Buckhead area of NE Atlanta, in the Peachtree Presbyterian Church, Room 3305, from 7:00-8:30 pm. Our meetings begin with a Social/Snack/Sharing time followed by a presentation and Question/Answer time. During the years, we have covered a very wide range of topics and concerns. Every meeting is informational, interesting and focused on specific requested topics. Always, at least one person gets the exact information needed.

We encourage and support each other in our various journeys toward our unique goals. Usually we have a speaker or facilitator to discuss relevant topics which help us to refine our residual deficits. As we fine-tune our skills, we progress toward a healthier self-image, and “fit” more comfortably into an “un-injured” world socially, financially and emotionally.


Jan. 12: "Using technology To Enhance Our Activities of Daily Living!"  by Jane Ratliff of Blue Hair Technology:

Feb. 9:  "Use of Biofeedback in Treating Brain Injury"  by Dr. Caroline Von Fleugge, Chiropractor

Mar. 9:  "Cutting edge treatments for TBI"  by Representatives of the Amen Clinic.   Dr. Daniel Amen, world renowned researcher of Brains and Brain Injury.

April 13:  "Handling Care-Giver Frustrations" by Dr. John Sass, PHD

May 10:   Sharing Providers' Information, Members helping other Members with "new" resources

June 8:    Music, Art, and Moods. Adult coloring and designs while listening to different styles of music.

July 13:    "Anger Management for Survivors and Caregivers"  by Dr. Michelle Rusin, PhD, Cognitive Rehabilition of GA

Aug. 10:  "Headaches after TBI"  by Dr. Alan Harben, MD, PHD (pharmacolog) 

Sept. 14:  "Organize your Space, Organize your Brain" by Jonda Beattie,Professional Organizer

Oct. 12:    A TBI Survivor, Bill DeAngelo's Progress Report:  Music improves the Brain, listen, sing and play music.

Nov. 9:    "Headaches after TBI"  by Dr. Alan Harben, MD, PHD (pharmacolog) 

Dec. 14:   MERRY CHRISTMAS - annual Pot-Luck Feast!  Come with guest and covered dish to celebrate the successes of                 2017 and look forward to overcoming whatever challenges await in 2018!!