About Us


MBISG at the GA 2012 Disability Day
The Mild Brain Injury Support Group advocating at the 2012 Geargia Diability Day
(as published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Who We Are

Though most of the member survivors had moderate to severe injuries, most function at a high level, so that the effects of the injuries are invisible. However, memory, headaches, slowed reactions, reduced efficiency in cognitive functions, and initiation are common characteristics. Old skills are lessened, and new skills may emerge — but need honing. Social skills are less, and frequently former work settings are no longer appropriate. Most have some form of disability income which drastically impacts what they choose to afford.

We are Survivors and Caregivers, who have become "family." We have learned together and as new people come to us, we share, to make others' beginnings and journeys less lonely.

We began 11/1998 with a leader in BIAG (Brain Injury Association of Georgia) and two couples, each with a college-aged survivor who was trying to earn a degree. One finished BS and MA degrees at GA Tech, works in California, and is engaged to be married. The other finished a BA at Kennesaw, works in downtown Atlanta, and is studying for Certified Personal Trainer exam.

We have grown. Over 300 people have been part of us; some get what they need and move one to independent living/a second lifestyle. Others stay to be the "core" of the group, to lead the group and mentor those newer to the world of brain injury and its journey experiences.

We meet the second Thursday of each month, 7:00-8:30 pm in Room 3305 of the Peachtree Presbyterian Church, located at 3434 Roswell Road in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.

How To Find Us

The best place to park, for the easiest directions to our room (#3305), is to enter the REAR of the complex at the covered and lighted drive-through of Peachtree Presbyterian Church. There is Handicapped Parking near these double doors, with a Handicapped opening. After entering two sets of double doors, you punch the "UP" button of an elevator; Punch #3. When you get off, make a right turn, another immediate right, and the room is directly in front of you. It is next to restrooms.

If you choose to park in front of the Gymnasium, you will stay on the same level. Pass the sign-in desk, go to the hallway on the right, then through the double security doors; walk through the "Clock Parlor" just outside the Sanctuary, through another double-doors, and follow the hall straight and then to the right. The restrooms are ahead of you and the room is next to them on your left.

If you decide you want to enter the Welcome Center, use a cell phone to call (404) 374-1734, and someone will come guide you.

Before each meeting, we try to put up signs with arrows to indicate the directions at each turn.

We hope you will be able to join us at our meetings!